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Exhaust Systems

3 Jul

The Importance of Exhaust Systems:

When purchasing a brand new or used car you will probably want to take a look at your exhaust system.

What is an exhaust system?

The exhaust system affects the way your vehicle drives and the mileage that it achieves. To achieve more mileage you may upgrade your exhaust system. It allows air to run through your engine and then almost ‘spits’ it back out. If your exhaust system is poor you are likely to have less fuel efficiency and it could even lead to not passing vehicle emissions tests.

Is it an essential part of  my car?

Exhaust systems are an essential part of the car. Having an efficient exhaust system can help you save on fuel and will effectively help your vehicle function better.


Why do people upgrade their exhausts?

People generally upgrade their exhausts to optimise the sound and look of it especially with sports cars or large commercial vehicles. They also upgrade their exhausts because it can save on fuel.

Factory exhausts:

These can be made with low quality steel and eventually overtime these will break down and rust. You could upgrade to a stainless steel or aluminium material and that will make your exhaust last a longer.

What part of the exhaust system needs to be replaced?

Before you go overboard and get the whole system replaced it is best to find out what really needs to be changed. There could be a hole that has rusted or a loose or broken bolt. Here at DSA Autocentre we can repair any loose or broken bolts for you and we can also fit a new exhaust system for you.

DSA Autocentre

At DSA Autocentre our mechanics  and have found some exhausts with bolts missing and others we have inspected have been completely unsafe. We can replace your exhaust system and also repair them at our Autocentre. Our Autocentre is located in Sheffield near the Sheffield Arena, Meadowhall, Valley Centertainment, English Institute of Sport and Don Valley Bowl.

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